Elemental Guardians

 ‘Elemental Guardiansseek to protect and nourish kinship with Creator’s Creation through the Elementals, the 4 traditional Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit which imbues all of them with Sacredness.

By honouring Creation, including ourselves, we glorify Creator and embrace the sacred powers of all inter-related beings, and the body-soul-mind-spirit exchange that creates harmony, not dissonance. This is our fundamental responsibility and birth right, and our calling as teachers, students and stewards.

As Elemental Guardians, through a co-mentoring of children, youth and adults that bring their unique gifts to bear, we invite our creative, innate abilities to fruition in order to protect, nourish and heal the Earth, and each other through education, land tending and rehabilitation. This ever-deepening integration of our lives in wild play and work with Creation harkens back to our original natures as Creator intended. 

We have chosen this land, Shire by the Sea, to make our stand, creating a Co-operative that will reach out for community building, land stewardship, education, celebration, work and funding in honour of these core values and our necessary evolution towards greater harmony with the Earth, Heavens and Elementals.  Creator bestowed the Gift of Creation, and we work to be in alignment with both Creator and Creation as Earthlings in this corner of Cascadia, in the ancestral home of the T’Souke Nation, at Shire by the Sea.  

If this message speaks to you, consider becoming a patron of the Elemental Guardians.  Join us for our events, workshops, and classes, or peruse this sprouting website to connect with the budding fellowships on this honoured land. Every financial contribution helps in our first major milestone of saving our Shire by the Sea. A Crowd-funding campaign will commence soon.

There will be call outs for continued assistance and contributions and we will publish ongoing newsletters and updates as we progress through our multi-pronged goals.  

Elemental Guardians

LOS Strategy, a.k.a. D’Arcy

D’Arcy is a bio-educator and movement specialist who leads classes and workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from natural movement, wild foods/medicines, martial arts and survival tactics.

As a life time lover of movement, he holds certification in HKC from Dragon door for kettlebell and also a black belt in Shizenden ryu. A strong drive and dedication has pushed D’Arcy to study and perfect every form of movement that crosses his path.

Craving more skills in self reliance, D’Arcy went to school for herbal medicine and studied fungus knowledge under some of the worlds leading mycologists. He has applied his knowledge in mycology to researching the power of mushroom medicine and has contributed his vast knowledge to popular health promoting companies by harvesting and building therapeutic blends for them. He can easily identify, harvest, process, and blend herbal medicine to optimize human potential.

An immense passion for living a rich spectrum of life experience has led D’Arcy to training and studying daily in these subjects for work and play. D’Arcy has taught hundreds of students in Canada, as well as internationally in Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. He has been entrusted to teach private classes in traveler’s self defense, occupational self defense for government workers and countless other forms of self reliance.

An unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and understating makes D’Arcy an incredible instructor and inspiration for living a purposeful and practical life. His approach is effective and inspiring. The way D’Arcy is able to motivate and educate students creates a space in which they want to rise to the occasion and stoke the fire of their own potential!

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, we give thanks to Great Spirit…for all of these gifts, within and without, above and below, we send our prayers and blessings. Aho~

Blessings and Thanks from all of us

See our Address to the Elementals here…


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