Wolf Pack

Re-Discovering and practicing the Art and Craft of the Human Animal:  

Wolf Pack

Sundays Jan 19th-March 8th (8 Classes)

12-5 p.m.

 $25/class or $200 for the season

Join us for our Wolf Pack Sundays, our Youth and Adult Nature Program, where we will focus on the skills, knowledge and wisdom of rewilding ourselves through a wide variety of teachings.  Elemental Guardians will mentor the Wolf Pack through primitive tool making, tracking, camouflage, hunting skills, archery, fire, warrior training, movement, food processing, and a variety of role-playing games, and missions designed to tap into your inner Wolf 🐺 A team of super-hero mentors will join us throughout the Seasons with the end goal will be a unified Wolf Pack with a shared survival skill set and wild-crafted tool kit.  Drop-in costs are $25/class or $200 for the season.  A good percentage of proceeds for enrolment will go to the Save the Shire Fund.  Our class size will be limited to 12…contact Dante at ElementalCollective2020@gmail.com
if you are interested.  Classes for the Winter/Spring Season  go from January 19th to March 8th.  

Season:  Winter/Spring (January – March)

Direction: North/East

Elemental:  Earth/Air

Materials: Wood, Stone, Bone, Dirt, Flesh, Plants, Breath

Missions:  BushCraft Skill Set, Hunting/Gathering, Ocean Savvy, Self-Defence, Adventuring, Stillness

Virtues:  Team Work, Accomplishment, Peace, Connection, Survival Skill Sets, Flow

The next Spring Season will start shorty after our Spring Chautauqua Event (March 20th-22nd, at Vernal Equinox, the beginning of our 2020 Wild Calendar.

A hunter-gatherer Wolf Pack camping trip will happen in September…date to be announced.

Payments can be made through ElementalCollective2020@gmail.com

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