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Save the Shire

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Taking a stand and restoring the Land for our past, present and future generations.

Greetings and welcome to the Elemental Collective Newsletter! We are a small but dedicated group of educators, facilitators, chefs, creatives, mothers and fathers, and so much more. In these challenging times, we have come together to offer something special. To get here, that is, where we are at this moment, we have had to reinvent ourselves many times. Living in ‘interesting times’ can be both a blessing and a curse.  But no one gets very far with a curse falling on their heads, or filling their hearts. And in point of fact, we have been showered with many blessings. These blessings come from one place: our Creator. We steadfastly believe that without acknowledging Creator and this Divine Creation we find ourselves in the midst of, we are more prey to the forces of confusion, division, and the chaos that are enveloping the world; in a word, no one wants to be cursed. Being blessed on the other hand, requires the acknowledgement and responsibility that we have been given this gift of life, an understanding of our current conditions and a splash of wisdom to carry forth the torch of renewal into uncertain territory. We have taken up this challenge with love and as if our lives and the lives of our children are at stake, because in a very real sense, they are. What proceeds in this presentation is a visionary and grounded exploration of what we have been doing over the past several years as well as what we intend to accomplish in the years to come. As we forge ahead we have come to the solid recognition that we cannot do this without you. We never intended to do this alone. Raising a barn or building an ark, requires a highly coordinated group effort. And now that we’ve got your attention, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

The Heart of the Shire
Nootka Rose
Bee pollinating the lupines at the Shire.
Fruits of the land and labour
This healthy Garry Oak was nearly dead when we planted it a year ago and is going to be the thriving elder in our Garry Oak meadow!
Cascadian Sunset
The Microcosmos often goes unseen beyond the ordinary gaze of onlookers. Slow down and look closer!

Dante’s Paradiso

Return of the GreenMan

In the beginning was Vision and Creator breathed Life into it and made it so.

My vision springs out of a deeply rooted philosophy of engagement and play with original wild, creative forces swirling around and within us. Nature is Truth.  I take a stand that refuses to be domesticated into an inert, passive, controlled subject at the whim of dis-eased and parasitic forces.  We live in an Age that is at a crossroads: we can work, co-habitate and play within Nature through a benevolent exchange of Human Culture with the other-than-human Beings in the Earth, through honouring Natural Law (Logos) or we can continue the historic path of domination, addiction and enslavement that despoils our one and only Holy Home World.  I resist and persist through healing integrity.

I am committed to this practice through my out-of-doors school offerings at Elemental Academy, and overseeing a symphony of community gatherings, events and efforts in this direction. I see this as a real world and online sponsorship that can offer opportunities and membership, as well as acquiring assistance and donations for those people outside of the Co-operative who wish to assist us in our endeavours, and might not be able to directly support us.

I envision a movement of ‘Elemental Guardians’, through a co-mentoring of children, youth and adults that bring their unique gifts to bear, bringing magical, innate abilities to fruition. It is a tall order to protect, nourish and heal the Earth, and each other through education, land stewardship and rehabilitation, and a deepening integration of our lives in wild play with Creation.

The beautiful thing is…we have choice and the freedom to co-exist with Creation. I believe this can only come about through a deep recognition that we belong here, as children of Creator and Creation. We must defeat the neuroses and self-destructive illnesses of our terminal programming while simultaneously, heroically embracing our own Creative destinies.

I envision this land as a sacred place where people of all ages and walks of life come together to celebrate our human capacities, through a cohesive, working/playing, teaching/learning, holistic/healing community: ‘Elemental Collective’.  “Elemental” because it is about getting back to the basics of our original human nature, a beautiful dance with the Nature as it flows and unfolds from within its own Essential Being. The 4 Sacred Elements are the alchemy of this dance, and the 5th Sacred being the Spiritual Quintessence which invisibly holds it all together.

Greenman Adventures Rises Again…

Dante’s Elemental Collective Curriculum for 2020

Walk on the Wild Side (Guided Local Walks, 🐐eventually with Goats) 

Elemental Academy Cubs (Monday & Friday) with Seasonal Colouring Book, Calendar~Curriculum and a Yearly Certificate coming in 2020

Wolf Pack: 🐺Re-discovering and practicing the Art of the Human Animal 👣🐾, hunting, tracking, martial arts, wild play for adults (Alternating Saturday/Sunday, bi-monthly)

Deer Tracks 🦌: Walking softly through the land, gathering, gardening, Wild-crafting,  (Alternating Saturday/Sunday, bi-monthly)

Speak Easy Friday Elixir Bar/Outdoor Lounge (bi-monthly) With Pizza, Movies, Music Jams and more….

Elemental Spa (Monthly)

Digital Knowmad:  a course in multimedia production:  music, imaging, movies, presentations, websites, and more

Brothers of the Wolf Monthly Men’s Campout

Vision Quest/Sitting Spot Sponsorship

Our Elemental Collective Calendar and Programs will be announced in early February