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In late 2021 we will be launching our Elemental Collective Wild Calendar, featuring our Guardians in their primary element. Our calendar will be launched in the early Winter, for the Calendar year 2022 Here are a few teaser shots from our photo shoots, the Wild Archetypes.

Images captured by one of our brilliant photographers, Belinda White, Apple Star Photo (Facebook Page)

Winter/Spring Curriculum

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming Winter/Spring Curriculum being offered by some of our Guardians. Our offerings take effect January 6th.

Elemental Academy Calendar~Curriculum 2021

Season: Summer 2021

Materials: Wood, Stone, Bone, Dirt, Flesh, Plants, Breath

Missions:  Land Restoration, Hunting/Gathering, Growing, Crafting, Adventuring, Stillness, Story Crafting, Musical Expression

Virtues:  Team Work, Accomplishment, Peace, Connection, Skill Sets, Freedom, Flow, Dance

Bear Cubs, Ages 5-11 (Monday & Friday) 

$25 Drop-in, $5 goes to Save the Shire Fund

10 x Punchcard $225, @$25 savings, and $50 to Shire

Daily Practices of the Wild:

Guardian Mission and Tuning in Exercise, Art/Journaling/Work Book, and both a Seasonal and Yearly Guardian Badge

Wolf Pack, Ages 13-99

Sundays, 12-6, January 19th – March 8th

On the Archery Range

Re-discovering and practicing the Art and Craft of the Human Animal, hunting, tracking, martial arts, shelter building, survival skill sets, wild play for adults.

Deer Tracks, All ages welcome  (Alternating Saturdays, bi-monthly)

🦌: Walking softly through the land, gathering, gardening, Wild-crafting,  Herbs, Yoga, Awareness, Restoration Missions

GreenMan Adventures

Walk on the Wild Side (Guided Local Walks with tea/lunch 🐐we’ll be with Goats again ) 

Speak Easy Friday Elixir Bar/Outdoor Lounge (bi-monthly)

With Cob Oven Pizza Nights, Wild Food Fridays, Movies, Music Jams and more….

Elemental Spa (Monthly)

Digital Knowmad:  a course in multimedia production:  music, imaging, movies, presentations, websites, and more

Brothers of the Wolf Monthly Men’s Campout

Vision Quest/Sitting Spot Sponsorship

Nature’s Chef Academy – Wild Culinary Arts Program

Rewild your kitchen! This is a program to enrich more nature into your culinary arts. Through the powers of the wildfoods & sacred culinary techniques you will be on your way to be nature’s best allies. A series of 10 workshops over 4 months covers practises that go beyond your standard cooking class. From sustainable foraging to processing and preserving to taking it to the plate. You will have a better understanding of the relationship we once had with the land we inhabit. You are invited to ignite your inner Nature’s Chef! 

If your a chef interested in bringing more foraged foods into the food you serve, or cooking in remote locations for eco-tourism or if you are a big nature loving foodie that loves to prepare food at home then this may be the course for you!   

Guided by Chef Tom Kral and his featured co-facilitators, we bring you this series of workshops designed for you to become Nature’s Chef. 

Culinary Workshops

Day 1 Mar.1 – Cooking without a Kitchen – Food-safety

Day 2 Mar.8  – Food Chi Fermentation – Wildfood fermenting 

Day 3 Mar.15 – Ales for what Ails you – Living beverages   

Day 4 Mar.22 – Spring Forage – Wild plant botany 

Day 5 May.3 – Cob Oven Baking – Sourdough bread & Earthen cooking

Day 6 May.24 – Succulence of the Sea – Seaweed harvesting & cooking

Day 7 May.31 – Wild Game Preserving – Pemmican, Pate, Smoked Fish       

Day 8 Jun.7 – Stocking the Pantry – Condiments, flavourings, powders  

Day 9 Jun.21 – Bushcraft Culinary Tools – Spoon, pot holder, tongs    

Day 10 Jun.28 – Final Exam Day – Put your skills to the test, receive diploma   

To register yourself for this wild culinary opportunity and to receive your Nature’s Chef diploma please message the chef to apply.


You must be of adult age or have consent from a parent or guardian.  

Cost $800 plus taxes *includes food and materials. Payment installments can be arranged, please contact the chef for any inquiries.  

Limited space for only 8 students. 

If you are not able to commit to the program you are open to take part in each workshop individually. 

Jenn’s Svarupa Teachings

Svarupa Guiding

Yin Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Wild Mind

Dream Work

Islan’s Offerings

Reiki levels 1 & 2

Quantum theories – Relativity of Conversation; a three part series of “relativity” and “reality”

Back to Basics – 3 part series on energy and your practice basics –
energy Centres and exchange.
environmental influences.

Radiesthesia workshop

Cultivating and growing your herb and food garden- “food, medicines, and ruitul”
-“wild garden”, reclaiming space.

  • basics on drying and keeping herbs, and food crops. Sowing to harvest for use.
    -cuttings and grafting.