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The Elemental Collective seeks to create a harmonious culture of humans living in attunement with the natural community of plants, animals and elemental powers in accord with Natural Law. We call this ‘Tending Creator’s Creation’. Our mission is to accomplish this by continuing to offer nature education, workshops, retreats, celebratory & culinary events, art, healing, and ceremony. Hence our mission statement tagline is summed up thus:

Taking a stand and restoring the Land for our past, present and future generations.

Or more philosophically:

Uniting through Natural Law
Reclaiming our Divine Sovereignty
New Earth Restoration
Tending Creators Creation

Cello Bride playing at Chautauqua Cascadia

We strive to inspire further generations of land stewards and community co-operatives by sharing the knowledge needed to sustain and thrive as human beings. Honoring all life forces & fostering a deeper commitment with the Earth, we attend to the interwoven threads of personal, community and bioregional relationships.

By forming a Co-operative we are bringing together the diverse gifts, knowledge and experience of our team, the Elemental Guardians. Our first major goal is to purchase the land we are living on, in order to bring a much needed alternative project of ‘doing business differently’ than most of the current models that are in crisis. It is a visionary venture, and there are countless challenges to surmount, but the steadfast hearts of our fellowship are up to the task!

Our mission of service and stewardship ❤️🔥

Our Fellowship’s Vision

Dante on the Green Tree Throne

Dante’s Vision

My vision for this land took place over 20 years ago, when doing an art visioning board for a ‘Permaculture Paradise’ that had been lit up in my Heart..
I envision this land being embraced and restored through permaculture, wild plants, animal corridors and habitats, obstacle course,  pathways, meditative gardens, event centre, outdoor shared kitchen/dining, play spaces, a store and a sacred sitting spot where stillness, connection and visions are nurtured. I have lived on this land, ‘Shire by the Sea’ for over 12 years and recognized it as the place in my original vision when I first stepped foot on it. Since then I have slowly been gathering in the elements and people to help manifest the image. Elemental Collective is an orchestral unity that will create this symphony of connection between Creator, community and the land.

To delve deeper into Dante’s Vision, click here:

Nature’s Chef Vision 

Re-Wilding culture through wild food-medicine and nature inspired dining experiences. Reconnecting our ancestral roots to build empowered resilient coastal people in return to help protect the natural forces. Tom would like to offer a wild culinary arts program for chefs and foodies as well as foraging workshops throughout the year. He will run the food and beverage of Elemental Collective, nourishing the events that take place. A vision of collaborating with facilitators from around the globe, exchanging sacred knowledge, holding space to run retreats that can be up to a week long . He see’s a sort of glamping experience where you would learn these vital skills and be inspired to take that home. His dream is to have the outdoor kitchen complete with a connected gathering space all built with sustainable materials like cob.

Naomi Grace’s Vision

Naomi’s role as part of the Elemental Collective is varied. She is a mama to four wild cubs and most of her days are filled with raising them. She is a growing herbalist & loves to work with the many plant allies on the land here & in our bio-region.

Naomi is also a sovereign birth support woman, a space holder, specifically for prenatal, birth, post partum. Holding space and gently guiding or reminding others of their strength through life’s big transitions.

Being on this land the past 7 years has transformed her life and continues to in unexpected ways. When she met first met Dante and committed to him and this land she had no idea the powerful journey that would unfold. This is part of why she does the work she does and wants to be able to continue to share and grow with others and her family on this beautiful earth.



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Written Testimonials:

I am sending this along in hopes to help bare witness the impact of what elemental collective has done to this sacred space these past years. Embodying that sense of quietness as you are welcomed into the arms of what community looks like. Accompanied by singing birds, sweet smells of the flowers and tree, the joy and stillness that only this space can give. This property is a beautiful example of what community, support, shared conversations, sharing knowledge and skills and taking back what has been so lost in the business of the world. I appreciate watching this place grow, thrive and nourish so many souls, touching and spreading it magic.

~Kara R.

The land is the place I come to with overburdened full of anxiety, too busy from life. It grounds me, freeing me to be still to appreciate the wonders all around! 


Every time I set my bare feet upon the grasslands of the shire @ Elemental Collective, I feel myself plug in to the mycelial web grid of consciousness that is anchored there – that pulses with organic frequency. This familiar energy alone is enough to instantly ground my nervous system and reconnect me to my wild roots. The relationship that has been cultivated there is tangibly felt: between the land, plants, animals & humans. The devotion & care is embodied and the inspiration is active in all of the communal projects, collaborative events & rich offerings that are shared with all walks of life. This beautiful, timeless place feels like coming home every time I visit. It reminds me of my wildness, my humanness, my connection to the natural laws & cycles of life and I have witnessed, countless times, how it impacts others who step foot there. I have so much gratitude for all of the work these folks have done in reestablishing a blueprint of an organic way to live in the middle of a colonial world – reclaiming harmony with earth & sharing that way of life with all who come along, who are knowingly or unknowingly thirsty for this reconnection.

~ Hayley Shakti

This is a special piece of land, everyone involved knows that.  It has always been a hub of growth for all who come and spend time here.  The workshops, the gatherings, the classes, the community, so many people benefit when a place like this exists.  The families, the children, the teenagers and adults all come here for an experience that’s hard to find these days.  It’s centered around the importance of community and time in Nature and the knowledge and skills you can build around that.  Particularly the forgotten self reliance skills our ancestors had, the type of knowledge that gets families and communities through hard times.  

As a teacher of Nature skills such as bushcraft and wilderness survival, I can tell you it’s hard to find available Land to teach classes .  We can’t teach  interactive skills in parks due to the “hands off” regulations, plus you need permission and costly permits. It’s inconvenient for most people to travel far away up the logging roads to crown land to attend a workshop. If you want to use existing camps, you’ll have pay high rental prices and go through red tape to just organize classes.  

Dante and the crew have stewarded this beautiful land and opened it up to unforgettable experiences for so many people.  I can’t image them not being here and what would be lost if they had to leave.  It would have far reaching negative consequence for so many people, the ripple effect would continue to travel because the people that learn skills here pass them on to others, and those pass it on again. 

In conclusion, I believe what’s happening here at “The Shire” is desperately needed at this time, it’s an experience that’s hard to find, and it would be a tragedy to lose it. It represents care and responsibility to Land, Community, and the proliferation of valuable Skills and Knowledge.

Thanks for reading,

~Taylor Mar

Coastal Bushcraftand family Erin and Ryu (3) & Rhea (1)

This land is love. 
The spirit of mother nature is strong within and around her. 
Children and adults alike learn an incredible amount from just being here with her, along with the good folks who live, steward, and visit her.
A great amount has been done thus far, to respect, protect, and restore both her natural ecosystems, and her sustainable food and medicine production.
This land is, and hopefully will continue for centuries, to provide the teachings for humanity, a positive model that could be replicated for the greater good, locally and globally. 
The land heals and helps heal. Unfortunately the school land has lost nearly 100% of its native plant ecosystems, including the native and natural plants that would give the children shade, protection, clean air, and so much more. 
Fortunately, the Shire by the Sea could provide some of the natural tree shade they needed.
There are infinite other benefits those children, and others, can learn from the models that are provided here, on their neighbouring land, many of which will affect their health and futures. Models like this can give us all a better chance at a healthy earth. I have been volunteering my time and energy to helping steward this sacred land, utilizing many of my skills, knowledge, wisdom and experiences for the greater good, of the earth, of the children and of many others, and hope to be able to continue this in a greater way. 
I wish this sacred land will continue to remain, for the benefit of infinite generations, of all species, for the greater good of all.
Sincerely Tree S.