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Team Vision

The Elemental Collective seeks to create a harmonious culture of humans living in attunement with the natural community of plants, animals and elemental powers. Our mission is to accomplish this by offering nature education, workshops, retreats, celebratory & culinary events, art, healing, and ceremony. Hence our mission statement tagline is summed up thus:

Taking a stand and restoring the Land for our past, present and future generations.

Cello Bride playing at Chautauqua Cascadia

We strive to inspire further generations of land stewards and community co-operatives by sharing the knowledge needed to sustain and thrive as human beings. Honoring all life forces & fostering a deeper commitment with the Earth, we attend to the interwoven threads of personal, community and bioregional relationships.

By forming a Co-operative we are bringing together the diverse gifts, knowledge and experience of our team, the Elemental Guardians. Our first major goal is to purchase the land we are living on, in order to bring a much needed alternative project of ‘doing business differently’ than most of the current models that are in crisis. It is a visionary venture, and there are countless challenges to surmount, but the steadfast hearts of our fellowship are up to the task!

Our Fellowship’s 2020 Vision

Dante’s 20/20 Vision

My vision for this land took place over 20 years ago, when doing an art visioning board for a ‘Permaculture Paradise’ that had been lit up in my Heart..
I envision this land being embraced and restored through permaculture, wild plants, animal corridors and habitats, obstacle course,  pathways, meditative gardens, event centre, outdoor shared kitchen/dining, play spaces, a store and a sacred sitting spot where stillness, connection and visions are nurtured. I have lived on this land, ‘Shire by the Sea’ for over 10 years and recognized it as the place in my original vision when I first stepped foot on it. Since then I have slowly been gathering in the elements and people to help manifest the image. Elemental Collective is an orchestral unity that will create this symphony of connection between community and the land.

To delve deeper into Dante’s Vision, click here:

The Nature’s Chef Vision 

Re-Wilding culture through wild food-medicine and nature inspired dining experiences. Reconnecting our ancestral roots to build empowered resilient coastal people in return to help protect the natural forces. Tom would like to offer a wild culinary arts program for chefs and foodies as well as foraging workshops throughout the year. He will run the food and beverage of Elemental Collective, nourishing the events that take place. A vision of collaborating with facilitators from around the globe, exchanging sacred knowledge, holding space to run retreats that can be up to a week long . He see’s a sort of glamping experience where you would learn these vital skills and be inspired to take that home. His dream is to have the outdoor kitchen complete with a connected gathering space all built with sustainable materials like cob.

Calla’s Vision

Calla’s role as part of the Elemental Collective is varied. She is a mama to three wild cubs, she is delving deeper every day into learning & sharing about herbal medicine & all the many plant allies we have to work with on this land & in our bio-region. 

Calla is also a doula, a space holder, specifically for prenatal, birth, post partum…but really it goes beyond that.

Jenn’s Vision

Jenn’s vision of this land came through meditation years before stepping onto this actual land. You could say it initiated the courage to step into a life guided by Mystery.
The vision was nurturing respect, wisdom, embodiment, and curiosity of all life within the land community. A place anchored around self development, soul work and contributions from all, as we all have a unique gift to bring to this world. Encouraging and supporting our journeys on this land to discover our selves on a deeper level, embrace our unique soul gifts and rise with them in offering to our community, taking a necessary step to this evolutionary shift we desperately need.

Islan’s Vision

Tucked nicely away in a nook around the corner, is a beautiful plot of land. This land is home, it is sacred, and it is powerful. Many have come here and found silence, calm, community, grounding, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. Gathered here for music and dance that touches your soul so deep it carves out long lasting memories. 
This land will grab you, and hold you close; teach you lessons of patience, love and understanding.
The vision is that it will continue to be here for generations to come, if we protect and honour it. The land cries out for all those not able to be present and see its rekindled glory when we return from getting lost in the metal and concrete jungles we have created. This place is home for few, and sanctuary for countless others.