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Address to the Elementals 🌱💨🔥💦 🌀


Earth is neither flat nor spherical. She is rotund perhaps.  Pregnant with Life. Regardless of her shape and girth, the Earth is in fact, a body.  A living being.  Earth is in reality, our body.  Our collective ground.

As an Earth Guardian, we Conscientiously inhabit the Earth and the land we dwell upon through deep care, connection and play.  We acknowledge and stand for the Earth and all her creatures, seen and unseen in the interwoven webs that bind us all. We are in our very flesh, bones and salt, the Element of Earth.  We celebrate and tend to the wilds of our own bodies and seek to restore and regenerate Lands that have been abused. We honour the ancient ways of all ancestors and our fellow Earthlings that live in harmony with Natural Law, and the cycles of Creation, Death and Renewal that are embedded within this Realm.  We are hunters, gatherers, healers and growers. We are Children of the Earth.

Gaia, Mother Earth


As an Air Guardian, we inhale and exhale the Breath of Life, in an unseen exchange that flows over mountains, through the valley ways and forests of our inter-connective lungs.  We are in-spired by living breath of plants, muses and clouds, sharing air, song and whispered prayers with the Invisible Ones.  We seek to meditate through deep flow of breath and whistle the wind song of our soul’s pilgrimage, remembering that Air is the messenger of our Spirit’s longing.  Through plants, and trees, we honour the interchange of the energies of Air, and we work to keep the integrity of our own spoken words as harbingers of good will and truth-telling.


As a Fire Guardian we tend the Sacred Fire 🔥 as a harbinger of light, warmth and truth. We seek counsel with the visions within the dancing coals, and are inspired by tongues of flame, and the smouldering fire within our chests.  We seek balance with the Element of Fire, in a world that is burning itself to ash.  We honour the life-giving Sun, as the Eternal Fire that ignites within every living being, and are humbled by its brilliance.  We send our prayers up with the rising smoke of Cedar, Sage and Sweetgrass, remembering that Fire is a Gift, not a curse of Humankind.


As a Water Guardian, we swim in the liquid medium, through rain, rivers and rapids, as it also courses through our very veins.  It is the translucent fluid of life itself.  Water is flow and cleansing nourishment. We are anointed and baptized within an amniotic ocean in the primordial Womb of Birth. We aim to drink deeply from the life-giving waters and seek to protect the sacred waterways from toxic effluents both within and without.  As our thoughts and words become water, let our hearts pump from the deep well of  gratitude and give blessings to the Element of Water that quenches our soul’s thirst!

4 Elementals/Directions Invocation 

Guardian of the East, element of Air, the sacred breath; I invite you in.  Come blow the debris away from my heart and mind, so I may soar with Eagle as the witness, learning and living the art of conscious communication.  With each rising sun you bring continued lessons on new beginnings.

Guardian of the South, element of Fire, the sacred heart; I invite you in.  Come burn through my illusions of separation, so I may run with Wolf at play, igniting the passions of creativity that burn deep inside my being.  With your flickering flame you bring lessons that can purify me of the old ways, so I may transform anew.

Guardian of the West, element of Water, the sacred womb; I invite you in.  Come wash over me with your sea of compassion.  Giving me the strength of Salmon to wade through my ocean of emotions, so I may move from a place of grace and power.  With your cascading waterfalls your bring lessons of living in abundance and harmony with all life.

Guardian of the North, element of Earth, the sacred body; I invite you in.  Come ground my energy in your strong and stable roots.  Teach me the wisdom of Bear, so I may walk with strength and integrity, and learn when to speak and when to listen.  With your nurturing ways you bring powerful lessons in forgiveness and acceptance.  May we learn from you to live as ONE.

Mama Gaia, Earth love, rising from below above.  I call you come, entwine my roots with yours.  With every breath I take our roots grow, down and out, spreading throughout the Earth and entangling with all roots, and mycelium, forming the flower of life within your body.  Fill our roots with your transmutational flame of purification that we may vibrate into ecstatic evolution. In complete surrender of body, mind, and soul, I open to receive your mandala of creation.

Father Sky

Father Sky, I call you come; fill my longing heart with your golden nectar and sweet Ether, that I may once again know your loving embrace and receive the tools for integration.  With every breath I take, I expand into love, returning home to your heavenly abode.  In complete surrender of body, mind, and soul I open to receive the codes of light, overlaying the divine blueprint of my soul.

Mother Earth and Father Sky, I call you now to marry as ONE.  Dance me awake into the new paradigm of your higher consciousness and balance my heart with your love, birthing me anew in the sacred union of divinity.

As above, so below.  As without, so within.