Chautauqua Cascadia Spring 2020

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April 3, 2020 12:00 pm - April 5, 2020 2:00 pm

Chautauqua Cascadia Spring 2020

Welcome to Chautauqua Cascadia Spring 2020!

Join the Fellowship for a weekend of Nature Connection, Primal Skills, Inspirational Tent Talks, Wild-Craft Cooking, Live Music, Drum Jams, and more!  We are returning to the spectacular group site at French Beach, where the rainforest meets the sea.   

Imagine rekindling Ancient Knowledge and Creative Culture together within a windswept forest by the Salish Sea, in celebration of our unity and wild differences:  A weekend celebration of our bioregional and homegrown cultures on this tantalizing corner on Mama Earth.

Every Place has its song. Every Face has a story

written within every hair, pore and wrinkle.

The eyes become clearer...awakening to the Dawn.


A sketch of what to expect;

Drum Making (goat skin), Primitive Tool Kit, Native Plant Walk, Knife Making, Growing Mushrooms, Elemental Movement, Wild Food Pit-Cook, Yoga, Martial Arts, Archery, and Soul Craft.

Discover some of the people, plants, creatures and magic of our beloved home and how we come together to sing the Love Song of this place.


Weekend Pass and Camping $75

Without camping $50

Kids $25

Day Pass $40

Kids day pass $10

Holistic meals offered by Nature's Chef $75 (4 meals, including pit-cook) Individual meals $20

Kids meals $50 (4 meals, including pit-cook) Individual meals $10

Payments can be made to

*Any dietary issues please message the chef, able to adapt to your preference.

*Please bring camp-ware; plates, bowl, cutlery, mug, water bottle, thermos. We will provide washing station, you will wash your dish after eating.

Location:  French Beach Group Site
10399 Juan De Fuca Hwy, Shirley, BC V9Z 1G8, Canada

This glorious groupsite by the Pacific Ocean, allows for a close-knit community of tents and hammocks, with a sheltered kitchen, wood stove, central fire pit and instant access to wild pathways and sandy shores.

We endeavour to honour the land and its treaties by strengthening our relationship and responsibilities to them. We acknowledge that we live and work on unceded Coast Salish Territories.

About your Host;

Elemental Collective

The Elemental Collective seeks to create a harmonious culture of humans living in attunement with the natural community of plants, animals and elemental powers. Through offering nature education workshops, retreats & culinary events, art, healing, ceremony and celebratory events we strive to inspire further generations of land stewards and community co-operatives by sharing the knowledge needed to sustain and thrive as human beings. Honoring all life forces & fostering a deeper commitment with the Earth, we attend to the interwoven threads of personal, community and bioregional relationships. By forming a Co-operative we are bringing together the diverse gifts, knowledge and experience of our team, the Elemental Guardians, to purchase and restore the land we are living on, in order to bring a much needed project of ‘doing business differently’ than most of the current models that are in crisis. It is a visionary task, and there are countless challenges to surmount, but the steadfast hearts of our fellowship are up for the adventure!