Chautauqua Cascadia Summer 2021 ~ A New Earth

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July 16, 2021 1:00 pm - July 18, 2021 4:00 pm

Chautauqua Cascadia Summer 2021 ~ A New Earth

Elemental Collective~Shire by the Sea
Address: 7237 Ella Road, Sooke B.C.

Chautauqua Cascadia Summer 2021~A New Earth...A New Hope

What is a ‘New Earth’? It is one in which we celebrate and co-create an Earth that restores the vitality, integrity and beauty of Creator’s Creation. One in which we honour the Divine Sovereignty of the Soul, Mind, Body and Spirit. And one in which Humanity gets off its knees and shrugs off the spell of corrupt governments, lying media, medical tyranny and secret societies that attempt to demote human beings to self-destructive and sickly sheep. Their time is over.
Help us co-create a living Earth where we human beings once again live in harmony and co-create a better world for ourselves and our children.
Our New Hope begins here, at the ‘Shire by the Sea’ where we have been growing and building an oasis in an increasingly mad world.
We gather here at the Shire to say ‘Yes’ to this land, this vision, this possibility. We gather to ‘Save the Shire’ and conjoin our forces into a Fellowship of Hope, a fool’s hope perhaps, but one that is only getting stronger by the day.

Every Place has its song. Every Face has a story
written within every hair, pore and wrinkle.
The eyes become clearer...awakening to the Dawn. 🌞

Imagine resuscitating Soul’s breath and breadth within a gathering place that celebrates the sanctity of our beloved Home Place and a Fellowship of Guardians, Artists, Thinkers, Poets and Visionaries come together for a Sacred Purpose: to Save and Restore Land we call ‘Shire by the Sea’.
Imagine rekindling Ancient Knowledge and Creative Culture together within a wild, windswept forest by the Salish Sea, in celebration of our unity and our differences....our Divine Sovereignty.

Imagine reviving a movement, pre-radio, television and internet in a place, where the mists gather and the fish leap, with the conjoined elemental forces of raw Nature and Culture, simultaneously embracing the outreach of our current technological prowess as a Golden Ticket 🎫 to high adventure....

Welcome to Chautauqua Cascadia Summer 2021~A New Earth...A New Hope

Weekend Pass and Camping
-$100, $75 without camping
-kids $25

Day Pass $60 for Saturday, $40 for Friday or Sunday
-kids $20 for Saturday, $10 for Friday or Sunday

Meal option $75 (5 meals) and beverages

please bring your own plate, bowl, cup and cutlery!

Individual meal costs

10 breakfast

20 lunch

20 dinner


5 breakfast

10 lunch

10 dinner

Elixir Bar prices separate

Massage by donation

Payment will secure your attendance and can be e-transferred to: