Waffle Movie Night

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January 31, 2020 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Waffle Movie Night

Our first Speak Easy Lounge event of the year is open to you here on our beloved land, a place were we seek to create a harmonious culture of humans living in attunement with the natural world.

Our Speak Easy Lounge will be offered two Fridays every month. Each one will feature a different offering, from wild food nights, elixir crafting, Wild coffees and teas, cob oven pizza nights, music jams, skill sharing and more.  Stay tuned for our future events!

For our first Speak Easy event of 2020, settle into our outdoor lounge by the fire and enjoy 3 unique artisan waffles crafted by 3 of our Elemental Guardians. From sweet and savoury flavours using organic heritage grains, wild acorn flour and local bacon to vegan, each offering will titillate and expand your waffle repertoire in unexpected ways. While we are enjoying waffles a screening of the original Dark Crystal movie and the first episode of the prequel will be aired.

Feel free to bring a blanket and dress for weather. If it get’s wild outside we’ll move indoors. Our event is open to children, however parents keep in mind the movie can be a bit scary in parts. You are welcome to bring your own drink, please keep to local crafted artisan spirits or even better home brewed ferments. We’ll have some wild teas to offer as well.

Please make your reservation ahead so we know how many waffles to make. Donations can be e-transferred to ElementalCollective2020@gmail.com using the password “elemental”.

If you prefer cash payment that can be arranged, just send us a message so we know your coming.

Sliding scale donations $20-30 goes to Save the Shire initiative. Children are free!

Stop waffling and join us for a night of culinary delight!

About your hosts:

Dante landed at the Shire over 10 years ago and immediately sensed the potential for the land to host a thriving community with an outdoor school, event center and wide range of nature-based activities.  His nature school Elemental Academy is refreshening this year with 3 offerings:  Bear Cub, Wolf Pack and Deer Tracks.

His commitment to saving the Shire and gathering a community of like-minded individuals is coming to fruition in 2020 at the Elemental Collective.

Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral

Over 25 years of professional cooking experience and a bloodline of cooks has evolved Tom Kral into Nature’s Chef. His irresistible call for wild-foods lead him to settle in Sooke to steward the land of Elemental Collective. Tom share's his culinary knowledge through private dining experiences, nature adventures, workshops, retreats andcollaborates with other facilitators.


Islan RavenTree: Born and raised on Salt Spring Island, Reiki Master and artist, worked in the culinary field for 16 years learning and exploring the worlds of food, health and nutrition. For the past 6 years has lived a Plant Based Life, learning more about Vegan culinary artistry, natural ways of health and wild living and foraging, creating a knowledge base around holistic plant based medicines, superfoods and expanding knowledge around various healing arts.