Wolf Pack 🐾 Surviving the Elements

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January 26, 2020 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Wolf Pack 🐾 Surviving the Elements

Elemental Collective~Shire by the Sea
Address: 7237 Ella Road, Sooke B.C.

Our first season of Wolf Pack class 2020 will be focusing on primitive tool making and usage as a survival necessity in the Age of high tech.

$25/class or $200 for the season (introductory prices)

E-transfers can be made to ElementalCollective2020@gmail.com  Percentage of proceeds for enrolment will go to the Save the Shire Fund.


Continuing with our primal tool kit, we will be focusing on the quintessential tool in our survival pack:  the knife.
If there was one tool we couldn’t do without, a knife would be it, as a good knife is a tool maker:  fire, shelter, protection,  processing animals...a knife assists with all of these tasks and more
We will demo a basic cutting tool made of wood and stone, a knife carved from bone and we will each make a functional knife out of used saw blades and wooden handles.  Join the Wolf Pack for this informative and useful session, and walk away with a hand-made knife for your survival needs.


Imagine for a moment, how our ancestors coped so long ago, with no tools to hunt, fish or forage, no fire to ignite warmth on a cold, hungry winter night.  How would you take the first steps needed to survive? They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, so put yourself in that moment of necessity and reset your Primal Mind.

Title Series - History of Fire Agent Name - Boyer, Ralph L. (Ralph Ludwig) -1879-1952 - Prometheus Receiveing Fire for Man

Imagine another scenario in our own day and age, where a disaster has struck, and you are on your own, lost with nothing but your frazzled wits about you. There are no big box stores, no Amazon online, no YouTube videos...nothing but you and the wilderness.  Go back to the essentials, your original intelligence and imagination are waiting for you.


The first part of the day will be guided by D’Arcy the developer of the L.O.S. (Last One Standing) Strategy, a system he practices and inspires with.  D’Arcy will instruct you on the crafting and use of an essential tool in your kit, utilizing the bare bones of what can be scavenged on and around the land.  The first tool:  a fish hook to catch one of those elusive fishies just out of reach.

D’Arcy will guide you through the process of gathering raw materials, techniques and know how of making your own hook from scratch to land a tasty fish.  🐟

Now that you’ve landed your first fish, you’re still cold and hungry.  You need fire.

No Bic, no matches, no ax, and every scrap of wood is drenched.  Did I mention your cold, clammy fingers are turning blue and throbbing with pain as the wet chill slowly creeps inside your skin?

Fire 🔥 is a "gift" of the gods, that was stolen by Prometheus for the benefit of humankind. For his theft,  he was eternally damned and chained to a rock, where an eagle was sent to eat his liver, which would then regenerate overnight only to be eaten again the next day.  Let us not squander the Titan’s gift and die of hypothermia in vain shall we?

Prometheus Chained

Our second instructor and Elemental Guardian is Taylor, the bow-drill king who will guide our pack down to the beach on a fire making mission.  We will look for the best driftwood to make a bow drill, gather tinder, and learn a few Promethean secrets along the way...

Welcome to our first Wolf Pack, class is now in session 🐾