Chautauqua Cascadia Summer 2019

Every Place has its song. Every Face has a story.

Chautauqua Cascadia is coming back! This time around we will be hosting on our beloved land, ‘Shire by the Sea’ with the intention of showing our sacred place in its full glory! The intention of this event is to explore what it means to live rooted and deeply in a place that has opened its heart to our family and greater community. We will be opening with ceremony, and hosting a wide range of workshops and playshops , from primal skills, cob oven building, Tree climbing, Wild food cooking, obstacle course maze, yoga, Elemental Spa and more! With this Chautauqua we intend to spread the word on our land trust initiative, saving the ‘Shire by the Sea’ to make this a reality in 2020. Proceeds will go to the Elemental Collective fund.

Chautauqua – A celebration of our bioregional and homegrown cultures on this tantalizing corner on Mama Earth. Join the Elemental Collective for a magical weekend of inspirational spoken word, live performances, work and playshops, fam jams, healing medicines, culinary magic, and adventure by the rolling seas! Discover some of the people, plants, creatures and magic of our beloved home and how together we sing the Love Song of this place.

Every Place has its song. Every Face has a story.
Written within every hair, pore and wrinkle.
The eyes become clearer…awakening to the Dawn.

Imagine resuscitating soul’s breath and breadth within a gathering place that celebrates the sanctity of our beloved Home Place and a Fellowship of Guardians, Artists, Thinkers, Poets and Visionaries come together for a Sacred Purpose.

Imagine rekindling Ancient Knowledge and Creative Culture together within a wild, windswept forest by the Salish Sea, in celebration of our unity and our differences.

Imagine reviving a movement, pre-radio, television and internet in a place, where the mists gather and the fish leap, with the conjoined elemental forces of raw Nature and Culture, simultaneously embracing the outreach of our current technological prowess as a golden ticket to high adventure….

Inspirational talks, live performances, music/drum jams, work and playshops in:

Elemental Movement, Cob Oven building, Ancestral healing, Wild food, Yoga, Martial Arts, Archery, Elemental Spa, trading blanket, obstacle course, and adventure on the high seas!!!

Here is a rough sketch of how the weekend will unfold:


Noon: trickle in, camp set up

1-4: Shop

4-ish: Opening Circle with Jordi

5-7: Potluck and Connecting

7-8 Art Connection with Simon

6-10: Drumming, music


8-9a.m. : Yoga with Jenn

9-10 Breakfast

10-12: Kids Ocean Meditation and Rock Painting with Roberta

10-12: Wild Mind Walk and Talk with Jenn

10-4: Shop

10-11:30 Elemental Movement with Taylor and D’Arcy

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-4 Cob Oven Buliding

2-4 Trading Blanket

2-4 LARPing in the Forest

4:00 Many Roots Band

4-6 Dinner and Live Music 🎶

6-7 Tree Meditation with Roberta

7-8 Ancestral Healing with Ocean

6-11 Music, Dancing 💃🏽


8-9a.m. Yoga with Jenn

9 a.m.-10 Breakfast

10-Noon: Shop

11-12: Trading Blanket

10:30-11:30 Elemental Movement, Archery 🏹

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-3:30 Elemental Spa

3:30-4 Closing Ceremony

These events may not fall precisely in the given time frame….we are here to flow with Nature’s time rather than forcing a strict schedule. We believe it is of greater importance to grow together over the weekend than to cram everything thing into an allotted slot. That being said, we will do our best to provide an enriching and diverse experience for all. See you here, at the Shire by the Sea 🌸

Weekend Pass and Camping $75
Without camping $50
Kids $25
Day Pass $40
Kids day pass $10

Entrance fees E-transfer to:

Holistic meals offered by Nature’s Chef $75 (4 meals)

Individual meals $20
Kids meals $50 (4 meals, including pit-cook) Individual meals $10
*Any dietary issues please message the chef, able to adapt to your preference.
*Please bring camp-ware; plates, bowl, cutlery, mug, water bottle, thermos. We will provide washing station, you will wash your dish after eating.

Elixir bar offering wild fermented & wild tea (prices vary, purchased on site)

Meals: e-transfer to

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Elemental Movement….how does one become water 💦 fire 🔥 earth 🌲air 💨 through movement? Our instructors Taylor and D’arcy will assist you in flowing with the Elements in the Elemental Movement playshop. We will climb, pounce, toss, balance and dance our way through forest, down to the beach in playful movement. This rockin’ video was put together by none other than Ragnarock Studios…check out their rad page and hit the Like button here:

We endeavour to honour the land and its treaties by strengthening our relationship and responsibilities to them. We acknowledge that we live and work on unceded Coast Salish Territories.

Taking a stand and restoring the Land for our past, present and future generations