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Wolf Pack Tool Kit

Our first season of Wolf Pack class 2020 will be focusing on primitive tool making and usage as a survival necessity in the Age of high tech.

Every reward deserves a good challenge.  The challenge that lays before you: to integrate your ancestral roots with your living body. Simple, right?! 

Diving into the depths of your Primal Mind. Image by Peter Strain

As we swim (or drown) in a world of high tech wizardry, as willing and unwitting guinea pigs, or high end users, it is easy to feel like a cork bobbing in an ocean of gizmos, images and black mirrors.  Where is earth situated at this point?  Where is your body for that matter, in what matrix does it lie?

Wake up Neo, the Matrix has you!

Through the sympathetic magic of primal technology, your ancient hands (look at your hands, the original tools) will be guided to craft a primitive tool kit with stone, bone, antler, shell, wood, plants, and broken glass as your materials.  Forsaken but not forgotten knowledge that you will re-member back into reality by fusing your native human know-how, however dilapidated, with a re-wilding pack of humans who are up to the challenge. 

By the end of the year, if you’re still with us, we will venture together on a ‘surviving with the elements’ campout to hone the skills and tools you gathered throughout the 4 seasons to see how far we can arrive at our far-reaching challenge.  The rewardS are suited to the challenge:  the experience and knowledge gained, and fellowship formed.  And your Wolf Pack tool kit of course.

(Your tool kit may or may not resemble these tool kits, consider these images mind seeds planted in your fertile consciousness…)

$25/class or $200 for the season (introductory prices)

E-transfers can be made to ElementalCollective2020@gmail.com  Percentage of proceeds for enrolment will go to the Save the Shire Fund.

Please dress for weather in whatever gear you feel comfortable in. It is important to work with what suits you. Everyone is at a different level of wildness and knowledge, and we are here to learn from each other, not show off. Tea and fire will be an essential part of Wolf Pack, but bring a lunch and beverage to sustain you in the elements.

Address to the Elementals 🌱💨🔥💦 🌀


Earth is neither flat nor spherical. She is rotund perhaps.  Pregnant with Life. Regardless of her shape and girth, the Earth is in fact, a body.  A living being.  Earth is in reality, our body.  Our collective ground.

As an Earth Guardian, we Conscientiously inhabit the Earth and the land we dwell upon through deep care, connection and play.  We acknowledge and stand for the Earth and all her creatures, seen and unseen in the interwoven webs that bind us all. We are in our very flesh, bones and salt, the Element of Earth.  We celebrate and tend to the wilds of our own bodies and seek to restore and regenerate Lands that have been abused. We honour the ancient ways of all ancestors and our fellow Earthlings that live in harmony with Natural Law, and the cycles of Creation, Death and Renewal that are embedded within this Realm.  We are hunters, gatherers, healers and growers. We are Children of the Earth.

Gaia, Mother Earth


As an Air Guardian, we inhale and exhale the Breath of Life, in an unseen exchange that flows over mountains, through the valley ways and forests of our inter-connective lungs.  We are in-spired by living breath of plants, muses and clouds, sharing air, song and whispered prayers with the Invisible Ones.  We seek to meditate through deep flow of breath and whistle the wind song of our soul’s pilgrimage, remembering that Air is the messenger of our Spirit’s longing.  Through plants, and trees, we honour the interchange of the energies of Air, and we work to keep the integrity of our own spoken words as harbingers of good will and truth-telling.


As a Fire Guardian we tend the Sacred Fire 🔥 as a harbinger of light, warmth and truth. We seek counsel with the visions within the dancing coals, and are inspired by tongues of flame, and the smouldering fire within our chests.  We seek balance with the Element of Fire, in a world that is burning itself to ash.  We honour the life-giving Sun, as the Eternal Fire that ignites within every living being, and are humbled by its brilliance.  We send our prayers up with the rising smoke of Cedar, Sage and Sweetgrass, remembering that Fire is a Gift, not a curse of Humankind.


As a Water Guardian, we swim in the liquid medium, through rain, rivers and rapids, as it also courses through our very veins.  It is the translucent fluid of life itself.  Water is flow and cleansing nourishment. We are anointed and baptized within an amniotic ocean in the primordial Womb of Birth. We aim to drink deeply from the life-giving waters and seek to protect the sacred waterways from toxic effluents both within and without.  As our thoughts and words become water, let our hearts pump from the deep well of  gratitude and give blessings to the Element of Water that quenches our soul’s thirst!

4 Elementals/Directions Invocation 

Guardian of the East, element of Air, the sacred breath; I invite you in.  Come blow the debris away from my heart and mind, so I may soar with Eagle as the witness, learning and living the art of conscious communication.  With each rising sun you bring continued lessons on new beginnings.

Guardian of the South, element of Fire, the sacred heart; I invite you in.  Come burn through my illusions of separation, so I may run with Wolf at play, igniting the passions of creativity that burn deep inside my being.  With your flickering flame you bring lessons that can purify me of the old ways, so I may transform anew.

Guardian of the West, element of Water, the sacred womb; I invite you in.  Come wash over me with your sea of compassion.  Giving me the strength of Salmon to wade through my ocean of emotions, so I may move from a place of grace and power.  With your cascading waterfalls your bring lessons of living in abundance and harmony with all life.

Guardian of the North, element of Earth, the sacred body; I invite you in.  Come ground my energy in your strong and stable roots.  Teach me the wisdom of Bear, so I may walk with strength and integrity, and learn when to speak and when to listen.  With your nurturing ways you bring powerful lessons in forgiveness and acceptance.  May we learn from you to live as ONE.

Mama Gaia, Earth love, rising from below above.  I call you come, entwine my roots with yours.  With every breath I take our roots grow, down and out, spreading throughout the Earth and entangling with all roots, and mycelium, forming the flower of life within your body.  Fill our roots with your transmutational flame of purification that we may vibrate into ecstatic evolution. In complete surrender of body, mind, and soul, I open to receive your mandala of creation.

Father Sky

Father Sky, I call you come; fill my longing heart with your golden nectar and sweet Ether, that I may once again know your loving embrace and receive the tools for integration.  With every breath I take, I expand into love, returning home to your heavenly abode.  In complete surrender of body, mind, and soul I open to receive the codes of light, overlaying the divine blueprint of my soul.

Mother Earth and Father Sky, I call you now to marry as ONE.  Dance me awake into the new paradigm of your higher consciousness and balance my heart with your love, birthing me anew in the sacred union of divinity.

As above, so below.  As without, so within.

Chautauqua cascadia Harvest Fest 2019

This years Autumnal Harvest Fest at Chautauqua Cascadia was a resounding success! From the juiciest blackberries and dripping ripe plums, we gathered and made honeyed meads right off the Shire premises. A roasted pig 🐖 from the local Cast Iron Farm was a highlight….we selected, harvested, processes, shaved, and bathed our pig in a salty brine…only to finish it on our cast-iron tub which was transformed into a giant Dutch oven grill! The taste of this slow cooked offering was beyond description as many of the attendees (including this scribe) could hardly wait till dinner proprieties and sampled handfuls with guttural grunts and irrepressible squeals of animal joy! So much love was poured into every process, from the harvesting of food, such as Haida potatoes 🥔 and wild Shaggy Parasol mushrooms right from our land, to delicious seasonal elixirs. Our community is growing stronger and more integrated with every Chautauqua. Even with the inevitable hiccups in beginning a visionary enterprise like our Elemental Collective, we are rocking it. With martial arts, yoga, live music, dance, elemental spa, and the planting of Garry oak acorns 🌰 for future land regeneration, we have begun to coalesce our mission with gustatory gusto! But enough words…let the images speak for themselves…enjoy!

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Elemental Academy

Elemental Academy First Season

Yay us!  We’ve come sun-round full circle to a full first year at Elemental Academy!  

It’s been a deeply rewarding experience to get to play with an AMAZING group of kids, mentoring with other adults, and growing possibilities for our children to be wild and more soulful than the public school system allows.  This is just the beginning of the expanding revolution of rewilding through direct experience and play that is well under way.  I am happy to be a part of this, and thankful to my family and friends to co-create this vision with me.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Seasons, which will include raft and fort building, habitat restoration, wild obstacle courses, live action role play, archery, hunting, fishing  and gathering skills, camp outs and more!  

Sensory Awareness exersice

Chautauqua Cascadia Summer 2019

Every Place has its song. Every Face has a story.

Chautauqua Cascadia is coming back! This time around we will be hosting on our beloved land, ‘Shire by the Sea’ with the intention of showing our sacred place in its full glory! The intention of this event is to explore what it means to live rooted and deeply in a place that has opened its heart to our family and greater community. We will be opening with ceremony, and hosting a wide range of workshops and playshops , from primal skills, cob oven building, Tree climbing, Wild food cooking, obstacle course maze, yoga, Elemental Spa and more! With this Chautauqua we intend to spread the word on our land trust initiative, saving the ‘Shire by the Sea’ to make this a reality in 2020. Proceeds will go to the Elemental Collective fund.

Chautauqua – A celebration of our bioregional and homegrown cultures on this tantalizing corner on Mama Earth. Join the Elemental Collective for a magical weekend of inspirational spoken word, live performances, work and playshops, fam jams, healing medicines, culinary magic, and adventure by the rolling seas! Discover some of the people, plants, creatures and magic of our beloved home and how together we sing the Love Song of this place.

Every Place has its song. Every Face has a story.
Written within every hair, pore and wrinkle.
The eyes become clearer…awakening to the Dawn.

Imagine resuscitating soul’s breath and breadth within a gathering place that celebrates the sanctity of our beloved Home Place and a Fellowship of Guardians, Artists, Thinkers, Poets and Visionaries come together for a Sacred Purpose.

Imagine rekindling Ancient Knowledge and Creative Culture together within a wild, windswept forest by the Salish Sea, in celebration of our unity and our differences.

Imagine reviving a movement, pre-radio, television and internet in a place, where the mists gather and the fish leap, with the conjoined elemental forces of raw Nature and Culture, simultaneously embracing the outreach of our current technological prowess as a golden ticket to high adventure….

Inspirational talks, live performances, music/drum jams, work and playshops in:

Elemental Movement, Cob Oven building, Ancestral healing, Wild food, Yoga, Martial Arts, Archery, Elemental Spa, trading blanket, obstacle course, and adventure on the high seas!!!

Here is a rough sketch of how the weekend will unfold:


Noon: trickle in, camp set up

1-4: Shop

4-ish: Opening Circle with Jordi

5-7: Potluck and Connecting

7-8 Art Connection with Simon

6-10: Drumming, music


8-9a.m. : Yoga with Jenn

9-10 Breakfast

10-12: Kids Ocean Meditation and Rock Painting with Roberta

10-12: Wild Mind Walk and Talk with Jenn

10-4: Shop

10-11:30 Elemental Movement with Taylor and D’Arcy

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-4 Cob Oven Buliding

2-4 Trading Blanket

2-4 LARPing in the Forest

4:00 Many Roots Band

4-6 Dinner and Live Music 🎶

6-7 Tree Meditation with Roberta

7-8 Ancestral Healing with Ocean

6-11 Music, Dancing 💃🏽


8-9a.m. Yoga with Jenn

9 a.m.-10 Breakfast

10-Noon: Shop

11-12: Trading Blanket

10:30-11:30 Elemental Movement, Archery 🏹

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-3:30 Elemental Spa

3:30-4 Closing Ceremony

These events may not fall precisely in the given time frame….we are here to flow with Nature’s time rather than forcing a strict schedule. We believe it is of greater importance to grow together over the weekend than to cram everything thing into an allotted slot. That being said, we will do our best to provide an enriching and diverse experience for all. See you here, at the Shire by the Sea 🌸

Weekend Pass and Camping $75
Without camping $50
Kids $25
Day Pass $40
Kids day pass $10

Entrance fees E-transfer to: ElementalCollective2020@gmail.com

Holistic meals offered by Nature’s Chef $75 (4 meals)

Individual meals $20
Kids meals $50 (4 meals, including pit-cook) Individual meals $10
*Any dietary issues please message the chef, able to adapt to your preference.
*Please bring camp-ware; plates, bowl, cutlery, mug, water bottle, thermos. We will provide washing station, you will wash your dish after eating.

Elixir bar offering wild fermented & wild tea (prices vary, purchased on site)

Meals: e-transfer to tom@natureschef.ca

Join our Facebook event here

Elemental Movement….how does one become water 💦 fire 🔥 earth 🌲air 💨 through movement? Our instructors Taylor and D’arcy will assist you in flowing with the Elements in the Elemental Movement playshop. We will climb, pounce, toss, balance and dance our way through forest, down to the beach in playful movement. This rockin’ video was put together by none other than Ragnarock Studios…check out their rad page and hit the Like button here: https://www.facebook.com/ragnarockstudios/

We endeavour to honour the land and its treaties by strengthening our relationship and responsibilities to them. We acknowledge that we live and work on unceded Coast Salish Territories.