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About Islan RavenTree:

Born and raised on Salt Spring Island, Reiki Master and artist, Islan worked in the culinary field for 16 years learning and exploring the worlds of food, health and nutrition. For the past 6 years has lived a Plant Based Life, learning more about Vegan culinary artistry, natural ways of health and wild living and foraging, creating a knowledge base around holistic plant based medicines, superfoods and expanding knowledge around various healing arts.

Here to (help, guide, bring you on a journey) to your truth, balance and who your ment to be. Encourage you to seek the inner truths, and release programming from this and other lives.
To feel and sence without and within the authentic self, magic, strength, instinct and connection to possibility. **yg

Crystals, artisan jewelry, healing tools, superfoods, Reiki services and classes, workshops and more.

Offerings, goods and services will be displayed here soon and updated regularly.


Islan RavenTree


Taking a stand and restoring the Land for our past, present and future generations

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